The PAST Test


The Physical Abilities Stamina Test (PAST) represents the minimum entrance standards for enlisted Battlefield Airmen career fields. The PAST must be successfully completed prior to:

1) Award of a basic training contract for a Battlefield Airman AFSC

2) The start of Battlefield Airmen entrance courses

3) Cross-training into a Battlefield Airman AFSC as part of the retraining package or from prior service

A few Notes:

1) The PAST must be completed with strict form standards. Following the PAST narrative instructions are essential to this. An applicant or the administrator does not do themselves any favors if they allow sloppy form on calisthenics in order to pass an individual. The Battlefield Airman instructors at the entrance courses will weed applicants out if their form is not perfect.

2) Successful completion of the PAST should not be used as a standard whether you will be successful or not during the pipeline. Applicants should aim to far exceed the PAST standards and aim for course graduation requirements.
(Example: A PJ recruit should not consider 25m underwaters at a [3:00] interval an acceptable standard. They should train for [1:30] intervals prior to starting the course if they hope to have a good shot at graduating.

THE PAST Standards and Current Forms

1) The PAST Worksheet contains the standards for PJ, CCT, TAC-P, SERE, SOWT and EOD all on one worksheet. The worksheet is the form that is submitted to start your reservation/crosstrain. CLICK HERE for the PAST WORKSHEET (PDF)

2) The PAST Narrative is your instructions for the PAST Worksheet. The narrative should be read verbatim to the applicant before each applicable portion in addition to demonstrations given of proper form for the calisthenics. CLICK HERE for the PAST NARRATIVE (PDF)

Additional Info:

For additional info on the PAST test, how to train for it and tips/tricks, visit the