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So you want to join the ranks of Air Force Special Tactics? I don’t blame you; it’s an amazing experience! However, it will take a ton of hard work and dedication to get you there. One of the major requirements, as you should know by now, is an extreme level of physical preparation.

Team ST is designed and coached by operator and Power Athlete Block One certified strength coach, Shawn. Whether you want to be a CRO, STO, PJ, Combat Controller, ALO, TACP or SOWT, this team will help get you there. The training is specifically designed to prepare each athlete for the rigors of their pipeline with a focus on building athleticism, coordination, strength, speed and stamina. By training with Team ST, each athlete will not only notice a significant increase in performance but will also reduce the risk of getting injured once accepted into the pipeline. Join our team today and get ready to maximize your athletic potential.

Meet Coach Shawn  and discover the Battlefield Airman path and why you need a premium program such as Team ST.



– How will I get my workouts?
Daily workouts will be delivered right to your smartphone or tablet through a downloadable app. You will be able to watch instruction videos, log your results/compare your performance with other athletes on the team.

– I just joined the team and they have been training a while, don’t I have to start from the beginning?
Nope, just jump right in and get after it. The programming is specifically designed to take your current performance levels into account. Initially, you may need to scale some workouts back; however, if you stay consistent, you will soon be crushing every day as prescribed.

– If I stay on the team too long will my performance plateau?
Not at all. Each phase will have a different focus area while maintaining the primary goal of developing athletic performance. The programming is designed to establish a true base level of strength and maximize total body coordination. In order to do this you will have several repeating lifts that will be combined with very specific and ever-changing accessory movements. The repeating lifts will follow a linear progression based on your previous week’s performance.
Eventually, this progression will induce failure and calculated resets will ensure you can break through those plateaus. It is these lifts, conducted 1000’s upon 1000’s of times that will build a tensile strength within your muscle fibers and increase your overall durability. Even more, when conducted with the accessory lifts you will develop speed, stamina and total body coordination. Once athletes have been on this progression for approximately 6 months, I will add a level 2 workout to replace the primary strength/power portion that will focus on other limiting factors that can cause plateaus.  These steps will ensure continued progress all the way up until you leave for selection.

– What equipment do I need?
To truly be able to maximize your performance, I highly recommend having a workout partner and access to a gym with the following equipment:

Required Gear (& linked to the best price found)
-Squat Rack
-Flat Bench
-Bumper Plates
-Change Plates (1.25#’s, 2.5#’s, 5#’s)
Pull Up Bar 
-Dumb Bells (or Power Blocks)
Kettle bells
Slam Balls
Resistance Bands (small/regular light/med/hvy weights)
Gymnastics Rings
Speed Rope
-Swimming Pool (goggles/fins)

-Sandbags               –Tow Sled or Prowler
Air Bike / Rower    –Battle Rope ($45)

What if I’m missing a piece of required gear?
Hit me up on the forums and we will see what substitutions can be made.




Team ST is a premium training experience billed to be easy on your wallet.  We realize that you want an outstanding service but have the capability to choose other similar services.  So we have slashed our standard pricing to bring you the lowest cost possible and undercut the competition.

Month-to-month: $15
Annual: $150
(a $30 discount compared to monthly rate)


In addition to the standardized program, Coach Shawn will be available for all Team ST athletes for questions or concerns via the forums.