110. Orbital compartment syndrome

Our good friend Dr Mazzoli created a publication from the vision center for excellence. ¬†OCS (orbital compartment syndrome) can result from trauma to the head, face and orbit, resulting in increased pressure behind the eye threatening the retina and optic nerve. This is a potentially preventible cause of blindness. This podcast discusses what OCS is.… Read more

96. MV TAMAR Mission Part 3-Overview of medical care

In the third installation of the TAMAR rescue, after infil and ship boarding are complete, Jordan gives an overview of the medical care including the complicated surgical airway. Read more

70. Navy SAR Corpsman and PJs respond to Canopy Overpressurization mishap

Listen to the dramatic flight line response of a mishap and injury of two Naval Aviators. Two Navy SAR Corpsman provided advanced care on the "X" and then performed the TACEVAC with two PJs from the 304th who assisted. This overpressurization event was essentially a close range blast injury. See this open source TV news… Read more