107. Psych skills 2

In part 2 of this discussion regarding the value of psychological skills training, we continue the discussion of BTSF, Beat The Stress Fool.  We discuss the process and evidence supporting self Talk (instructional and motivational), visualization (See), and the use of a Focus word ( a go word, or trigger). Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah… Read more

106. Psychological Skills Training

In part 1 of psychological skills training we introduce the concept and discuss tactical breathing.  This article by med student and prior PJ Mike Lauria is in the Annals of Emergency Medicine Dec 2017. Vol 70 Issue 6, p 884. The research supporting this is presented and discussed in the context of special operations and… Read more

66. How does the body handle heat stress and what can an operator do about it?

Dr Reggie O'Hara is an Air Force Research Lab Exercise Physiologist and endurance athlete.  He has run  20 100 mile races.  He discusses the normal and pathologic reactions to heat stress and strategies to counter heat related illness, as well as preparation and arrival from home station to hot environments - be it AZ or… Read more