100. Mike Lauria. DOMOPs special needs, PJ transition to flight medic intel

Mike Lauria is a Med student, prior STS PJ turned Flight Medic. He discusses his experiences as they would be relevant to special needs populations during disaster response and his transition to becoming a Flight Medic which is another great career option if you want to stay operational. Look into Kyle Faudree's training if you… Read more

84. A discussion about SHOCK with Doc Powell- Army SF Group Surgeon.

Doc Powell is an SF Group Surgeon and Army Intensivist (intensive care specialist). he discusses the basic science and practical aspects of what shock is "beyond hypoerfusion of tissues". ┬áThe science of shock is complex and multifactorial. Doc Powell explains the concepts of tissue damage and the systemic inflammatory response. For those of you who… Read more

68. Keith Part 1: PJ response to the Haiti earthquake in 2010

Hear Keith discuss the mission drop at Hurby, planning and execution of rescue ops in Haiti in 2010. He also discusses the challenges and rewards of interacting with other teams and nations, as well as some of the technical aspects of earthquake ops as well as human tragedy. Shout out to Ish! Also look for… Read more