132. A PJ talks about the R &R program

PJ J talks about his experience with the R & R program at the Univ of Utah. He discusses the issues of high ops tempo, toll on the family, and details about the R & R program Doc Bryan discussed last week. https://veterans.utah.edu We really want to drive home the message that this is appropriate… Read more

130. Operational Psych Research

Doc Bryan is a prior AF Psychologist. He currently is the Executive Director of National Center for Veteran's Studies at the Univ of Utah. He partnered with the AF Psychology Service to perform long term research on our Operators during OEF. The articles are posted on pjmed.com In this episode he discusses findings that have… Read more

92. IMPORTANT- The PJ FOUNDATION with Chief (Ret) Jones

The PJ Foundation is working hard to support the needs of Active and Prior PJs who need help for TBI and PTSD and everything in between. ┬áChief discusses how the Foundation came into being, its mission, next steps and how important it is for all PJs, CROs and SERE Specialists to support. We need you… Read more

#52. Highlights of the 2016 Special Operations Medical Association with Travis

In this podcast we discuss the value of the SOMA meeting and interesting highlights including emphasis on training, operator support , the ROLO program and PFC training. Read more