132. A PJ talks about the R &R program

PJ J talks about his experience with the R & R program at the Univ of Utah. He discusses the issues of high ops tempo, toll on the family, and details about the R & R program Doc Bryan discussed last week. https://veterans.utah.edu We really want to drive home the message that this is appropriate… Read more

57. 212th RQS- Harding Ice Field Mission. Part 2

In the second part of this mission podcast, the PJs discuss overland travel, AT boots, nutrition (gummy bears), and other logistics in white out glacier travel. Just another day at the office. That Others May Live. Read more

56. 212th- Harding Ice Field Mish- Part 1

In another exciting installment from the 212th, the CRO discusses the mission drop and mission planning- issues with weather, insertion, and ORM. For those of you who have not augmented the 212th, there is no better place to train cold weather ops, mountain and high angle skills, and do real world missions in a forbidding… Read more

#50. PJ on Denali 2016

Supporting the National Park Service on Denali during the spring climbing season is a great experience and can lead to good training. You can set this up trough the 212th. ┬áIn this podcast one of our PJs discusses his 2016 patrol and a series of cases including a helo exfil. Enjoy hearing about the missions… Read more