111. More Leadership Skills Part 1

Leadership is about character. Leadership means influencing people. Influencing people requires building relationships with them. Advanced skills are the basics mastered. Practice the basics daily! Read more

105. Leadership vs. Management

What are the key differences between leadership and management and how do you exploit them to achieve strategic and tactical objectives? Lessons from the business world applied to our world- Read more

82. Chief Atkins talks about lessons learned in Leadership

Chief Atkins is a great PJ who has codified his lessons learned as a Leader in our career field. After discussing these on a walk around Lake Tahoe last month while training, I thought it would be great to have his share his thoughts on leadership. His four key principles include 1. work ethic, 2.… Read more

65. Civil SAR Helo Rollover on Mt Hood with Chief CD

Incredible story of the crash and rollover on Mt Hood with Chief Canfield. He talks about the mission drop and the wild ride he went on. Later in this episode he discusses Leadership issues in Pararescue. If you have not seen it go to youtube and search Mt Hood helicopter crash. ┬áthere are several clips… Read more