85. ALERT-handbook changes and other intel.

ALERT- reminder of changes to handbook from DEC 2016 MOAB: 1. Change in needle D. site to only 5th ICS Mid Axillary Line. 2. Addition of combat dose of ketamine for sedation.3. Administer TXA by slow IV push over 2-3 minutes giving a cc at a time.4.Discontinue training upper extremity and thigh fasciotomies, only leg (tip-fib) will… Read more

70. Navy SAR Corpsman and PJs respond to Canopy Overpressurization mishap

Listen to the dramatic flight line response of a mishap and injury of two Naval Aviators. Two Navy SAR Corpsman provided advanced care on the "X" and then performed the TACEVAC with two PJs from the 304th who assisted. This overpressurization event was essentially a close range blast injury. See this open source TV news… Read more

67. ALERT, 2016 MOAB highlights, and LLs..

ALERT!  Going forward we will use "ALERT" to let you know of real time changes in PJ medicine you need to know, or other important PJ news items.  Please let your teammates and indoc buddies know about this.  We also review Part 1 of MOAB 2016 highlights, lessons learned (LLs) in recent training, and celebrate… Read more