96. MV TAMAR Mission Part 3-Overview of medical care

In the third installation of the TAMAR rescue, after infil and ship boarding are complete, Jordan gives an overview of the medical care including the complicated surgical airway. Read more

95. MV TAMAR Mission. Part 2.

In part 2 Jordan discusses parachute insertion, marine surface operations, ship boarding and linking up with the Captain and crew. Look for the PJNY recert courses in SEP, NOV and FEB. Hosted by the 103rd RQS and NORTHWELL Health System. We have increased our PFC lanes (extended care) since lessons learned on this mish. Read more

55. John Shoemaker- 2 significant Pararescue missions discussed.

John had an amazing career as a PJ and then became one of the first CROs. He talks about two unique experiences:  a civil ocean jump in the 90s into 40 foot seas, and a tragic mission in OEF which you will know well. John discusses what he learned from those missions as well as what… Read more

48. Update on burn care with Doc Chung- Army Burn ICU Doc

In light of last week's Moody jump mission in the Atlantic, we are doing a more in-depth discussion on burns. Burns are one of the top three injuries that teams perform maritime rescue for.  Doc Chung also served as a telecon consultant for our ROC Doc. In Part 1 of 2 with Doc (LTC) Chung,… Read more