135. Thai Cave Rescue Part 4

The PJ TL describes the step by step actions and meticulous attention to detail the disparate group of rescuers performed to safely and successfully get the children and the coach out. Learn about the level professionalism that was displayed to perform this high profile, high risk mission. Watching the news as PJs are on standby… Read more

135. Thai Cave Rescue Part 3

Part 3 of 5. Operation Wild Boar. Another exceptional discussion of the evolution of this incredible mission that gripped the world. Today is 9-11-2018. On behalf of TEAM NY, the 103rd Rescue Squadron, we send our warmest wishes to the survivors of the citizens, FDNY, NYPD, PAPD members and others who perished on 9-11. ¬†We… Read more

134. Part 2 Thai Cave Rescue

This second in a ¬†series of 5 podcasts were cut from a long discussion so there is no intro or closing to most of them. This podcast begins to discuss mission execution and the rescue of the children and coach from the wild boars soccer team. Check out the updated pjmed.com website. Check out specialtactics.com… Read more

133. Thailand Cave Rescue Part 1

Operation Wild Boar, the mission to rescue 12 Thai children on a soccer team and their coach captured the world's attention this summer. Derek, ST PJ and Team Leader on the mission, describes the mission drop, prep and on scene arrival. This is the first of several podcasts by Derek describing the mission and PJs'… Read more

125. Cave Diving and Rescue

The Thailand Cave Rescue is underway. PJs are on the mission. We will not discuss any details until it is completed. We are using this opportunity to speak to the FDNY Scuba Team Commanding Officer who is a certified cave diver. We discuss: Principles of cave diving. Similarities and differences from open ocean diving. Considerations… Read more