99. Doc Fedor Part 2. RSA and Intro to Special Needs Populations

Doc Fedor adds a few notes on RSA. In light of civil SAR at Harvey and Irma, we introduce some of the issues surrounding special needs populations. Look for the Winter Pararescue Foundation ski tour in the Rockies if you need some decompression, or know someone who does. Support your foundation at pararescuefoundation.org Read more

97. MV TAMAR Part 4-med intel

In the fourth installation of the TAMAR Rescue another PJ discusses the medical care in more detail provided for the two patients. PJs from around the Nation are supporting Rescue Ops in Texas as this is aired. Think of and pray for all the victims and responders. http://www.newsday.com/long-island/suffolk/li-national-guard-members-deployed-to-help-harvey-rescue-missions-1.14097670 Read more

96. MV TAMAR Mission Part 3-Overview of medical care

In the third installation of the TAMAR rescue, after infil and ship boarding are complete, Jordan gives an overview of the medical care including the complicated surgical airway. Read more

95. MV TAMAR Mission. Part 2.

In part 2 Jordan discusses parachute insertion, marine surface operations, ship boarding and linking up with the Captain and crew. Look for the PJNY recert courses in SEP, NOV and FEB. Hosted by the 103rd RQS and NORTHWELL Health System. We have increased our PFC lanes (extended care) since lessons learned on this mish. Read more

87. Great airway discussion with Dr Hill- part 2.

Dr. Laureen Hill is the Chair of Anesthesiology at Emory university. In the second discussion with her we focus on: 1. Surpa-glottic airways 2. Role of paralytics beyond sedation 3. Video assisted larygoscopy 4. Aspiration pneumonia as a complication of intubating without a paralytic This discussion was really good, easy to follow, with great points.… Read more

79. Dr. Hill discusses controversies and issues on airway management.

Dr. Laureen Hill is the Chair of Anesthesiology at Emory University. In this episode, she  discusses controversies regarding intubation, particularly in the pre-hospital setting, the supreme importance of bagging properly, and other lessons learned during decades of training medical providers how to intubate. Please go to PararescueFoundation.org and make a donation. Read more