Gear and Supplements

Below we have compiled the same gear utilized at selection as well as helpful tools for training.   We wanted to find the correct and best gear available- all the equipment and resources below are highly researched and vetted.  Keep checking back as we will continue updating this page with more gear and resources.
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Water Confidence Equipment

The Aqua Lung Atlantis Full Face Mask is critical to mastering all aspects of underwater confidence.  This mask is a little pricey, but well worth the cost.  If you are going to have only one item to train with, this is it.

Grabbing the right snorkel is critical for buddy breathing and mask/snorkel recovery success.   This snorkel is the exact model utilized at Indoc/Pre-Scuba.  If this model is out of stock try This One instead.   

 Finning with stiff Rocket style fins is an experience that cannot be replicated with substitution.  Your legs and feet will need to experience the suck of fin swimming with these prior to selection.  TIP: Grab a size large; that fits 95% of guys.

At selection, booties aren’t just used for finning.  An easy way to make underwaters (or any pool event) more challenging is by slapping on these.  This pair works perfect with the IST fins.

Weight belt for the arduous weight belt swims and ditch & don.  This belt also has a clasp that can be difficult to manage while performing ditch & dons, exactly like at indoc/selection.

 A weight belt is useless without weights.  Grab 4 of these Uncoated Lace Thru Style Hard Weights, 4Pounds to get 16 lbs total.  When starting, I recommend going with 8 lbs and working up to 16.  

Underwater knot tying is a skill that takes finesse and repetitiveness to master.  Use this cord to learn the square knot, inside bowline, girth hitch w/ an extra turn and the single fisherman’s knot.  TIP: Buy the 20′ or 30′ length and cut out two equal pieces of 36″ each for your knot tying.  Use the rest of the rope as your line that you will tie the knots around.

Land Training Equipment

The old-school Alice Ruck is still in use.  Be sure to get this model with a new frame as old, worn out frames tend to brake after years of abuse


Recommend supplements from the 24 Special Operations WIng Pre-Assessment Nutrition Program.  The below supplements have been deemed safe and high quality and are recommended by the 24 SOW Nutrition Team.  For more information on supplements and nutrition, visit the 24 SOW Pre-Assessment Nutrition Guide

Carbohydrate Powders

Provide rapid fuel source for training to delay fatigue and prevent muscle breakdown.
Dose: 30-60g carbohydrate per dose pre & during training.


To replenish electrolytes lost in sweat, especially in hot and humid environments.
Dose varies based on individual.Sodium (Na) is most important electrolyte; supplementation can range from 500-2000mg/day

Fish Oil/Omega 3

To increase omega-3 fatty acid intake not otherwise met through food sources to benefit overall heart, brain health, and combat total body inflammation.
Dose: 1-2g/day