Looking for the right equipment to train with or learn more about the greatest missions of Battlefield Airmen?  You’ve come to the right place.  You’ll find great resources below that affiliate link to tried and tested items.

Water Confidence Training Equipment:

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1)  Single Lens Dive Mask

2)  Snorkel – J-Tube  or J Tube Snorkel Clear Mouth

3)  IST Rocket Fins for Military Special Ops, L

4)  Black Zippered Dive Bootie

5)  Weight Belt, Black

6) Uncoated Lace Thru Style Hard Weights, 4Pounds (order 4 for 16 lbs)

7) 7mm Accessory Cord



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1) That Others May Live: The True Story of a PJ, a Member of America’s Most Daring Rescue Force

2) Guardian Angel: Life and Death Adventures with Pararescue, the World’s Most Powerful Commando Rescue Force

3) None Braver: U.S. Air Force Pararescuemen in the War on Terrorism

4 )My Brother in Arms: The Exceptional Life of Mark Andrew Forester, United States Air Force Combat Controller

5) Never Quit: From Alaskan Wilderness Rescues to Afghanistan Firefights as an Elite Special Ops PJ

6) Pararescue: The Skill and Courage of the Elite 106th Rescue Wing–The True Story of an Incredible Rescue at Sea and the Heroes Who Pulled It Off

7) Danger Close: Tactical Air Controllers in Afghanistan and Iraq (Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series)

8) The Rescue Season: The Heroic Story of Parajumpers on the Edge of the World

9) No Room for Error: The Story Behind the USAF Special Tactics Unit

10) The Official U.S. Air Force Elite Workout

11) Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way To Swim Better, Faster, and Easier

12) On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society

13) Inside Combat Rescue


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