Guide to Medical Standards

Navigating the initial qualification requirements for Battlefield Airmen jobs can be exhausting.  Most recruiters are lacking knowledge and most MEPS stations are difficult to get answers from.  In an effort to supply you with the most knowledge available regarding your FCIII (Flying Class 3) medical evaluation, below are the exact documents that Air Force physicians refer to for determining medical eligibility and waivers. These are the documents you need to refer to if you have any questions regarding your medical eligibility.
Medical requirements for each career field:
At this time, all Battlefield Airmen require a Flying Class III physical to be eligible for entry.  In addition, all applicants must meet Army Jump requirements ( which are covered under the FCIII physical).  PJ/CRO, CCT/STO are required to meet Navy Dive medical requirements as well (nearly all standards covered in the FCIII).

1) The Air Force MSD (aka Medical Standards Directory)- PDF. This is the first place that military physicians will go to for determining your medical eligibility. All Battlefield Airmen (BA) require a Flying Class III (FCIII) physical. In the MSD, any box that has an X  in the FCIII column means the standard applies. In layman’s terms, if there is an X in the box and you have the condition listed, it is disqualifying and you will have to seek a waiver for that condition or be medically disqualified. BA must meet FCIII and applicable sister service school requirements for which they will attend (Army jump and Navy dive). If you notice near the top of the MSD, it points to an ‘SSR’ (sister service requirement) link. Those are:

2) MFF Guide Checklist- Docx. This is a checklist intended for Air Force physicians to use to ensure applicants meet the MFF jump standards. It essentially helps the AF flight doc navigate quickly through the Army Reg 40-501 requirements.

3) Army Reg 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness- PDF. You will want to refer to page 54 for the Army jump standards.

4) CH 15 Navy MANMED- PDF. This applies to CCT/STO, PJ/CRO who attend dive school. Refer to section 15-102 (page 15-73) in the link provided.

5) The USAFSAM Waiver Guide- PDF. This guide helps Air Force physicians and waiver authorities further clarify disqualifying conditions and what the thought process should be to consider a waiver if the medical standard has not been met.  All standards in the MSD are covered in this waiver guide