126. Sleep-optimizing training. Part 1

Dr Sara Alger is a DOD sleep research scientist and has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. She discusses the science of optimally learning and training in regards to the critical role sleep plays in encoding, retaining and retrieving new, complex information. This is important for all Operators, trainers and educators. Read more

125. Cave Diving and Rescue

The Thailand Cave Rescue is underway. PJs are on the mission. We will not discuss any details until it is completed. We are using this opportunity to speak to the FDNY Scuba Team Commanding Officer who is a certified cave diver. We discuss: Principles of cave diving. Similarities and differences from open ocean diving. Considerations… Read more

124. Stem Cells Part 2

PJ Josh had a near complete rupture of his ACL and was recommended to undergo surgery, He discusses his injury, the surgeon's recommendations, research he did, and ultimately the process he went through to get a stem cell injection and the outcome.       Read more

121. Spec Ops Med Scientific Assembly

Highlights of the Special Operations Medical Scientific Assembly- Part 1 of 2.  Great meeting. Being a member of SOMA (Special Operations Medical Association) should be part of your professional and medical development for a special operations medic / 18D , IDC or PJ. Attending this annual meeting is an important chance to network with colleagues… Read more

123. Stem Cells

This podcast introduces Sean Berman who has performed medical research on stem cells and TBI.  Stem cells hold promise in the treatment of various injuries and degenerative conditions and have been used by several clinics. Sean will explain the science of stem cells and specifically stem cells harvested from a patient's own fat. This is… Read more

120. Memorial Day

The history of memorial day is presented from the PJ Association website and Wikipedia. The origin was Decoration Day, where Southern women decorated the graves of Civil War fallen. Learn about the evolution of Memorial Day in our history. Honoring the Gold Star Families of the Crew of Jolly 51 and all of our Fallen... Read more

118. Tension PTX

The TCCC Committee has made new changes to the management of suspected tension pneumothorax. They created a great paper on all of the aspects of this regarding diagnosis. management and controversial issues. This is Part 1. Regards from SOMSA.  Thanks to many folks for coming up and saying hello. More feedback comes in on the… Read more