Advanced SERE School

Often informally labeled, “advanced beatings.”  Among battlefield airmen, only Combat Rescue Officers attend this course.  Must have completed S-V80 (SERE) and PR101 or PR101 JPRA course prior to attendance.  Course location is in and around Fairchild AFB, Washington.




S-V94 Recommended Reading List (PDF)
S-V94 Packing List (PDF)
S-V94 Home page (CAC access only)

ETCA Reporting Instructions:

TITLE: Combat Rescue Officer SERE Fundamentals Course


PDS:  SV0 DATE ADDED:  5/5/2003
AFSC:  DATE UPDATED:  10/18/2017
SECURITY:  Secret START DATE:  31 Oct 2016
LOCATION:  Fairchild AFB (Flying)
LENGTH:  22 calendar days
ORG/PGM:  Air Education and Training Command / SERE Training


COURSE CONTACT:  TSgt Joseph White 66 TRS/GAT DSN 657-3329 / 657-3329


Course Description:
Train Combat Rescue Officers (CRO) in advanced SERE tactics, techniques, and procedures necessary to meet personnel recovery (PR) mission objectives.  Familiarize CROs with SERE Specialists’ career field core mission and overall employment throughout the Air Force.  Enhance CRO ability to operate across the spectrum of engagement; to include operations other than war.


Admin Instructions:
A. Orders Preparation:

1. Content. Specify in orders: title and duration of course, reporting date, fund citation, and security clearance. Orders will state field conditions for 7 days. Students will file for missed meals for applicable days. Dual lodging is authorized during field condition days.

2. Distribution. Member should hand-carry 5 copies of orders. In all cases where AETC operations training funds are cited, a copy of the orders must be sent to DAO-DE AETC/FA, 550 C Street West Suite 49, Randolph AFB TX 78150-4751. For survival training, submit a copy of orders to HQ AETC/A3FS. In addition, send a copy of all orders to 12 CPTS/FMFLT, 29 Main Circle, Suite 01, Randolph AFB TX 78150-4442.

3. Member is recommended to bring 2 (pc) excess baggage for field equipment.

4. For updated status of training for all SERE courses, call the 336 TRG Student Administration office’s 24-hour call-in number at DSN 657-5819 or Commercial (509) 247-5819.

B. Medical Requirements:

1. The SERE Medical/Psychological Pre-clearance is a vital process to ensure that students can withstand the mental and physical rigors of the following SERE Training Courses: S-V80-A, S-V80-B, S-V81-A, and S-V94-C.

2. Each student attending any of the above classes must be physically evaluated by their Primary Care Manager (PCM) or Flight Surgeon (FS) in order to complete the SF 600 Pre-Clearance form.  Conducting a medical records review is not adequate.

3. Hand carrying a medical record is required for Combat Rescue Officer Course S-V94-C.   Students must also have a CURRENT copy of the following items:

–         DD Form 2766 – Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flow sheet

–         (Flyers Only) – AF IMT 1042 – Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Operational Duty – Must be CURRENT

–         SF600, SERE Medical/Psychological Pre-Clearance form

**This must be our form from the website below OR may also be a print out of the AHLTA SERE Clearance template (under templates type in Fairchild AFB Survival/SERE use THIS ONE ONLY)

**You must first log into the AF Portal using your pin.   Follow the link below to access the SF600, SERE Medical Pre-Clearance for SERE Training form.

4. The above medical documentation must accompany the student upon their arrival to Fairchild. If the forms do not accompany the member they may be faxed to DSN: 657-3543 or COMM: (509)247-3543.

5. Absolute disqualifiers are current or pending enrollment in ADAPT, any/all psychotropic medications, Duty Limited Conditions/Profiles, and current Family Advocacy/Mental Health issues are potentially disqualifying. Contact DSN 657-8938 for further guidance.

6. Personnel must be carefully screened for emotional and physical fitness before selection, to ensure successful, safe completion of these demanding courses.

7. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the SERE Medical Flight at DSN 657-5414 or COMM (509) 247-5414.

C. Note:

1. All students graduating from S-V94-C will adhere to the 336 TRG/CC policy when traveling via POV. Students cannot depart prior to 1300 hours on the day of course completion. Students driving more that 6 hours will not depart Fairchild AFB, WA until 0600 hours the next duty day.

2. Students WILL NOT be able to receive any packages or mail that must be signed for (i.e. certified mail) while attending any SERE courses at Fairchild AFB. Any such items will be returned to sender as undeliverable. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Equipment Required:
Every effort is made to train with items employed by the student’s home unit.

Students will bring the following items from their home unit.

1.   ABU Uniforms x2

2.   ABU Boots

3.   Uniforms Multicam x2

4.   Flag Patch

5.   Under garments x5

6.   Extra boots (Broke in field boots appropriate for the season)

7.   T-shirts Tan x5

8.   Thermal tops and bottoms x2

9.   Socks x5

10. Note book

11. Pen/pencil

12. Sewing kit

13. AA batteries x 2 packs

14. Head lamp

15. Gortex tops and bottom

16. Any other desired (issued) field gear applicable to navigation training or field living conditions.




Office of Primary Responsibility:
HQ AETC/A3ZS DSN 487-9631  Comm (210) 652-9631. 


DSN: 657-9639, Commercial: 509-247-9639, or

DSN: 657-3329, Commercial: 509-247-3329.

For admin questions, contact the Survival School Student Administrative Section, DSN 657-5422, Commercial 509-247-5422


Quota Control:

DSN 487-9551 or 487-9588

Commercial: (210) 652-9551 or (210) 652-9588


Reporting Instructions (Supplemental):
1. Students will fly into Spokane International Airport.

2. Students will send flight itineraries to the course NCOIC

3. Students must arrive the day prior to class start and be prepared to begin training at 0800 the following day.

4. Students are assigned to 336 TRG, 66 TRS, Fairchild AFB WA 99011, for administrative purposes for the duration of the course.

5. Contact the course NCOIC immediately after receiving initial “Course Welcome Message” to ensure all projected attendees are accounted for accurately on course roster.   Course NCOIC can be reached at:   66 TRS/DOT, DSN 657-3329 or COMM (509) 247-3329 email or

6. Stars and Stripes Shuttle service is available to and from the Spokane International Airport. Call 509-244-0730 to use the shuttle service, or use available taxi service to and from Spokane International Airport. Travelers should be prepared to defray cost of commercial taxi to and from airport.   Cost is approximately $25 each way.   Travelers should read updated information in airport travel plaza area.7. Orders should state billeting is available. Student Administration makes billeting reservations for attendees.   Automated teller machines and checking facilities are available. It is highly suggested that attendees bring enough funds to cover per diem, billeting, taxi, etc., as well as other personal and unexpected costs.

8. The uniform of the day (UOD) throughout the course will be ABU’s. Flight Suits or altered uniforms of any type are NOT authorized for use during course execution at any time.

9.   Multicams are authorized for all field exercises.

10. Conservative civilian clothes will be authorized for portions of the course duration.   Clothing will not be offensive in nature and will be free of tears, rips, and stains. Shirts will not show the armpits.

11. Attendees must report with all mandatory clothing and equipment items. The list of all mandatory clothing and equipment items can be found in the 336 Training Group Homepage:

12. Weather conditions. Courses are subject to cancellation or delay due to adverse weather. Students should review reporting instructions on the 336 TRG’s portal page at:

Students can also obtain current updates on the status of training by calling the 336 TRG Student Administration offices 24-hour call-in number at DSN 657-5819 or Commercial (509) 247-5819.



Security Requirements:
Secret Clearance by class start date


Selection Process:

2.  Prerequisite courses.  All CRO attendees must have completed courses S-V80-A, SERE Training and either PR101 or PR102 prior to attending S-V94-C.  If S-V80-A was completed prior to January 2007, then S-V92-A must also be completed.

3.  Prerequisite waiver authority is HQ AETC/A3F.

4.  ECL 80 SR.


Special Notes:
Course includes classroom and field operations.   Course is run on two occasions each fiscal year.  Current course is scheduled for 16 Oct – 6 Nov 2017. Field Condition days are 29 Oct – 4 Nov 2017.

For additional information on this course, visit:

Prerequisite Courses:



Location Information:
Fairchild AFB (Flying) USAF
Spokane,  WA  99011
DSN 657-5422