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#56411 - Fri Dec 17 2010 15:41 PM DD-214 for reservist
jpeacock Offline
New Member

Registered: Mon Oct 18 2010
Posts: 10
Loc: Texas
Any prior service reservists or recruiters out there, I need some help. I have been working with a local recruiter since October to try and come into the Air Force in the prior service program. I have 6 years of PS in the Marine Corps reserve. The recruiter has all of my paperwork, and copies of several DD214's from previous deployments, however my package is now at the group level where it seems to have hit a roadblock. They are requesting a final discharge (DD214) from me, however as a reservist I never received one at the end of my contract. All the 214's that I have supplied show an RE-code of 1A, however they are not moving forward with me without a "final discharge" with an RE code on it. I am at a complete loss as to what to do now. It is hard to beleive that I am the first ever prior reservist to join the active air force. If anyone has suggestions on what to do for me or my recruiter it would be very appreciated, or where I can find an official order saying that reservists do not rate a DD214. Thank you in advance.

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#56412 - Fri Dec 17 2010 19:28 PM Re: DD-214 for reservist [Re: jpeacock]
rking38 Offline
New Member

Registered: Sun Oct 03 2010
Posts: 18
I had the same problem of not having the correct DD214, but I was prior AD Air Force.

The recruiter said just go to & just make sure that you request one with nothing left out. I think it's the one marked "ribbons" or "benefits", but it should be self-explanatory in the process of requesting what you need from the site.

It does take a few weeks though, so you have to really take care of it as quick as possible.

#56413 - Sat Dec 18 2010 01:06 AM Re: DD-214 for reservist [Re: jpeacock]
jpeacock Offline
New Member

Registered: Mon Oct 18 2010
Posts: 10
Loc: Texas
Thank you for your reply, but let me clarify. I was not issued a final DD214 because I was in the reserves. The DD214 is a "discharge from active duty" My dilemma is that the recruiter is asking for a document that for me doesn't exist. Anyone with suggestions is much appreciated. Thanks

#56418 - Sun Dec 19 2010 08:07 AM Re: DD-214 for reservist [Re: jpeacock]
pic Offline

Registered: Tue Oct 16 2007
Posts: 171
Loc: Hurlburt
Is your term with the Marine Corps finished, or are you doing a conditional release?

#56420 - Sun Dec 19 2010 15:05 PM Re: DD-214 for reservist [Re: jpeacock]
Guard MC Offline

Registered: Sat Aug 09 2003
Posts: 1865
Loc: Louisville, Ky STS
You should have gotten an equivalent of a DD214 when you out-processed your unit. The document does exist, you just need to lay hands on it. Call your old unit and explain that you need of your final discharge paperwork so you can enlist in the USAF.
Don't expect your Recruiter to solve your issues; he has a lot of other priorities, you only have one! It is your life, take charge of it. Go find the document. Give a copy to your Recruiter. Keep a copy for yourself. Start a file of all your paperwork. You may need it some day.
Good luck.
Guard MC

#56433 - Tue Dec 21 2010 07:49 AM Re: DD-214 for reservist [Re: jpeacock]
Monoman Offline
New Member

Registered: Mon Aug 06 2007
Posts: 29
Loc: Chicago
As Guard said your old unit should have it, or you should be able to obtain one at a records office somewhere in your local area. As a reservist you get a DD214 for every time you come off of active duty orders. So there will be one for your Basic and Advanced training as well as every other tour of duty you've done, such as a deployment, (not going on tdy orders). You will get a Member copy 1, which is the original and should be kept in a safe place, and a member copy 4 to make copies of and give out. I have 3 DD214s myself.

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#56435 - Tue Dec 21 2010 14:30 PM Re: DD-214 for reservist [Re: jpeacock]
jpeacock Offline
New Member

Registered: Mon Oct 18 2010
Posts: 10
Loc: Texas
Got it taken care of, thanks for all the help. This site is a great resource, keep it up.


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