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#50594 - Thu Jun 04 2009 18:03 PM Pararescue Family Life
Mattywagon Offline
New Member

Registered: Mon Jun 01 2009
Posts: 4
Loc: Wilmington, DE
Hello I looked through all the posts and though I found abundant information I still have a few questions if some of you wouldn't mind helping me out. I am 23 YOA and my wife is the same. We have been married for three years and have two children (2 and 1). Now I have researched pretty extensively on the whole Pararescue pipeline. So hopefully through that I will not have any surprises. Meaning things that will happen that I did not foresee happening.

What I would like some more information on is the life of a pararescueman after training. My recruiter is telling me and my wife that I will only be deploying 4 months max out of every year. Would this info be correct?

When I am not deployed will I have some time to be with my family? If so what is the typical work week besides training missions?

When I am deployed is there support for her like other wives and people that she can lean on while I am not around?

Is there any pararescueman that have wives and Children on these forums? I would like to talk more with you if there is..

Thanks for all that you guys do in these forums and for our country. God Bless and be safe.


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#50606 - Mon Jun 08 2009 07:55 AM Re: Pararescue Family Life [Re: Mattywagon]
Mattywagon Offline
New Member

Registered: Mon Jun 01 2009
Posts: 4
Loc: Wilmington, DE
Hey guys just checking up to see if anyone could give me some insight on this?

Thanks, Matt

#50610 - Mon Jun 08 2009 20:54 PM Re: Pararescue Family Life [Re: Mattywagon]
moe Offline

Registered: Sun Aug 17 2008
Posts: 19
Loc: Arizona
Alright Matt, I'll tell you what I know. Been along time since I was an active PJ but I have plenty of friends who are still in the thick of it.
Each unit has different missions. And each year the missions may change. I was TDY/deployed as little as two months per year and as much as 250 days/yr. The job is so varied, nothing is ever the same. Your family life will not be real structured in the sense of a 9-5 type job. It's not that way.
Each day is different and each week is different, even when your at home station. Look at all the things PJ's do. You have to keep current on all those tasks plus many you may not be aware of. Sometimes your working in the day, sometimes at night.
When you do have non-training days, most teams do PT in the morning then you do a typical work day and go home say 4 to 5 pm. You see your family and do what other families do.
I feel what makes it tough on PJ families is not only the amount of time away but also the uncertainty of what/when/where. If your unit needs you, your going to go. A lot of women struggle to deal with this, I know mine did. Being a PJ is tough on the majority of marriages and families. I suggest you talk openly and honestly about the time away, the uncertainty of when you will be gone and for how long. If you both know what the general outlook is, you have a better chance of being successful.
PJ wives sometimes hang out together, sometimes not. I think the AF does a pretty good job of offering assistance for the deployed's families. Some use it, some don't. But I think the best support group is your extended families.
Hope this helps. The wives got it pretty tough, bottom line. Best wishes, Mo

#50613 - Tue Jun 09 2009 05:20 AM Re: Pararescue Family Life [Re: moe]
Mattywagon Offline
New Member

Registered: Mon Jun 01 2009
Posts: 4
Loc: Wilmington, DE
Thank you for the outlook. This is the only thing holding me back from deciding whether to sign up at this time. The least amount of surprises my family has I think the easier it will be for them. This paints a pretty good picture for me. Thank you again for the help.


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