I mentioned one of these books in another thread, but figured they earned thier own. The first is "The Mission, The Men, And Me", by LtC Pete Blaber, and the other is "Leadership And Training For The Fight:" by MSG Paul Howe.

My wife got me "The Mission, The Men, And Me" by Pete Blaber, a retired LtC from SFOD-D, and it's awesome. Pete was heavily involved in operations from Panama to OEF to OIF and Bosnia, and wrote the book not as a bragging rights book, but as a "lessons learned" book, and tailored is a must read for anyone. Pete is now an exec at a biotech company in California, and shows how the book applies to both a leader in Delta, to the leader of an armor platoon, to managing a company. He uses stories and examples from not only his time as an officer in Delta, but also high school, college, and an exec. Very well written by a smart and daring individual. I'm following this up wit Paul Howe's book now. Both are must read, especially for those hoping to become an NCO or officer in any type of SOF or intel unit, but can apply anywhere.