I hoped someone would be able to answer a few questions for me about the parameters of life as a Pararescue Jumper. My name is Deserae and I'm currently a first year cadet at Norwich University, a private military college in Vermont. I'm engaged to another first year cadet, Justin, who intends to be a Special Operations member no matter what. When I first came along he was going to try and get into BUDS training, but we mutually made the decision to join the Air Force instead because they seem to take much better care of their spouses and families.

During our first few weeks of school we had limited time to ask questions about the opportunities that will be presented to us once we graduate from Norwich. When we graduate we will be commissioned immediately into the Air Force as 2nd Lts, earning our butter bars through the Air Force ROTC here. Lately, Justin has been doubting his decision to go Special Forces because he is worried about the time we will have to spend apart for training and how long it may take. What opportunities are open to him if he goes directly into the Special Forces or is it suggested that he wait a few years?

On a personal basis I have also wondered what life would be like with a PJ as a husband and a father of my children. I am a Nursing major and that's exactly what I intend to do when I commission, so we are almost gauranteed to be stationed on the same base. What will life be like, how many days out of the year will he be gone and what kind of family life comes along with being 'married' to the Air Force? How can I help support him in his decision if being a pararescue jumper is it?

If he does decide that that's what he wants to do, how can we prepare for it now? Physical fitness is always being improved as we are both members of the ROTC Special Operations flight here on campus and the Mountain Cold Weather Rescue Team. Unfortunately, I do not believe his swimming matches the standards for PJ, how vital is it if we're interested in staying around mountainous areas or just in general?

Unfortunately, noone on our campus knows of or has been a PJ so my opportunities for information collection is limited. If you can't answer my questions could you maybe point me in the direction of someone who can? Thankyou very much for your time.