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#16487 - Fri Nov 21 2003 21:24 PM To TE: Officer PJ's???? in the 67th ARRS (80=83

To Any PJ's from the 67th ARRs,
I was at RAF Woodbridge as a AVNAV Spec from 80-83. I know they have just recently started the officers rescue specialty, CCR? BUT, I thought I remembered a 1st LT. who was supposed to be the last officer PJ and he either changed his AFSC or what, I dont know. Does anyone remember this gentelman? Or is old age getting to me at last? This was while Col. Lovratich (sorry on the spelling) was 53 commander (boy do I remember the hammerheads in Diepholz...gawd, that was a loooonnnnggg TDY, but I was simple blown away by his flying. ('82). Also, whatever happened to Col. Lovratich? I also want to thank the two PJ's who cinched me up in the middle of the 53, while the Col then began to do rolling side to sides...25 years later, that was simply one of the most fun rides I ever had...thanks...

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#16488 - Sun Nov 23 2003 19:46 PM Re: To TE: Officer PJ's???? in the 67th ARRS (80=83
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I showed up as pup PJ in Woodbridge in Oct 1984. Sorry I don't remember a 53 driver by that name. I do know we had a Doc at the time Capt Silverton that had actually made it thru PJ school and was awarded the Beret, but never any lts in that time frame. Maj to Col Ed Behling wore the beret on and off for a few years as a commander of the schoolhouse and later at the ill-fated 1730th Pararescue Squadron. The new version of PJ qualified officers are actually a hybrid PJ-SERE mix awarded the 13DXA AFSC and a beret with similiar flash but different name.
Combat Rescue Officers (CRO) now command four AD and two ARC rescue squardons with 2 more Guard on the way, reserves are dragging their tails. We have CROs now on multiple staffs, in the lead MAJCOM (AFSOC) standing up the CRO/PJ/SERE weapon system to execute full spectrum personnel recovery and recovery operations. Just recently we broke the code and assigned a CRO to ST as a test program, we'll see how that works out. Meantime, the SERE school and the Rescue Coordination Centers are being populated with CROs to develop and sustain AF dominance of the PR/RO mission area. HooYah!
Hope you enjoyed the assignment and local area, Ipswich wasn't the best part of England, but it was as good a place as any to home base for all those european vacations.

Shepard, 67th ARRS PJ 84-87
"That Others May Live...To Return With Honor"

#16489 - Mon Nov 24 2003 06:08 AM Re: To TE: Officer PJ's???? in the 67th ARRS (80=83
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Towner, Haas and some others I'm sure have worn the beret, most did not go through indoc.

KJ and Yukon can probably give quite a bit of history regarding this.
Pararescueman (Ret)/Webmaster/Administrator/RKC
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#16490 - Fri Nov 28 2003 07:49 AM Re: To TE: Officer PJ's???? in the 67th ARRS (80=83

Thanks for the response. I believe Col. Turk was the CO for the 67th when I separated in '83. I remember the Lt, 'cause most of the PJ's seemed to respect him alot and he had a great sense of humor, but looked and acted tough as nails. I believe he left within 6 months of our arrival (my wife was Sgt. Anderson). Good luck with the new ossifers.

#16491 - Sun Nov 30 2003 08:18 AM Re: To TE: Officer PJ's???? in the 67th ARRS (80=83
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My guess is he's thinking Doc Silverton.
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#16492 - Wed Oct 26 2005 13:39 PM Re: To TE: Officer PJ's???? in the 67th ARRS (80=83
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I was the First Sgt. of the 67th from 82 to 85 and I don't remember any PJ officers(I know we did not have any) and I don't remember any Col Lovratich. Smsgt.Poncho Trujillo was the PJ NCOIC at the time.

David Bosh


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