Welcome to specialtactics.com; a site dedicated to giving you the tools in the toolbox to succeed at high demand, low density battlefield airmen careers.  I’m SW, an active duty Pararescueman. My life experiences reflect the passion that is put into this site and its mission to help you become an elite operator.  This is my story:

I enlisted in the AF out of high school with the sole intent of becoming a battlefield airman. I had just  passed Indoc’s HELL WEEK, when I noticed my body began to break down. During the weekly evals that followed, my body refused to perform as before and turned itself inside out… literally. Mid-way through an eval run of 5 miles, I had nausea and even worse; explosive diarrhea. Refusing to stop and sacrifice time, I finished the run with my shorts filled with shit and brown slime dripping down my legs– but ultimately :20 seconds over time. It was the most disappointing and embarrassing moment of my life.  I was off the indoc team.

I was later diagnosed with mononucleosis (most likely acquired during Hell Week), a condition that can take months to recover from. Although indoc gave me a setback to the next indoc team (and I accepted), I was never the same. My run times were even worse on team #2 and I was told to come back to indoc at a later time…

I was shipped off with a new Air Force job to the frozen tundra of North Dakota for 3 years.  Every day of that assignment I knew it was my destiny to head back to indoc and finish what I had once started.  I trained in not ideal weather conditions; running on ice packed running trails with temperatures far below zero.  My training pool was short and shallow but I creatively devised challenges to prep for the rigors of indoc.  I had discovered specialtactics.com during that time- a site at the time ran by a retired PJ named Jim Thede (TE).

With the knowledge of my past indoc experience in my hip pocket, and the training insight I had gained from specialtactics.com, I tackled indoc the second time around with a near arrogance.  I owe a lot of my success at indoc to this site- from gathering workout plans to tackling the crosstraining process- specialtactics.com was critical to where I am today.

Why do I tell you this?  A lot has happened from that lowly moment when shit was dripping down my leg to where I am today that has built confidence, character and knowledge- enabling me to be a successful operator.  I want to take my life experiences and knowledge and help pay it forward.  I have spent the past several years attempting to do that developing talented individuals in and out of the pool with a strong mindset to be successful at battlefield airmen selection and careers.  This site is an extension of my effort to do just that.  There are talented men and women out there that want to be a part of a special community but lack a few tools in the toolbox to complete the journey.  It is my goal to help you develop that knowledge and fill that toolbox and ultimately join the Special Tactics community.  Hoo-yah.