12 ‘Dirty Scurve’ Workouts courtesy of Cone Fit

cone fit

The gents at Cone Fit did a phenomenal job creating workouts for “Cones” interested in trying out at a Battlefield Selection course.  The PDFs below have been preserved and compiled for your viewing and training pleasure.

There’s multiple aspects of these workouts that I really enjoy, including:
-A tribute to a “Badass of the Week” operator who did amazing things
-A motivational quote to get your juices flowing before you go rip your body apart
-A comprehensive workout for all stages of selection, including calisthenics, weight training, cardio, rucking, grass and gorilla drills, swimming and water confidence.

20170204 The Dirty Scurve (Feb 4 – 11)
20170213 The Dirty Scurve (Feb 13 – 18)
20170227 The Dirty Scurve 2017 Feb 27-4
20170306 The Dirty Scurve 2017 Mar 6-11
20170313 The Dirty Scurve 2017 Mar 13-18
20170320 The Dirty Scurve 2017 Mar 20-25
20170327 The Dirty Scurve 2017 March 27- April 1
20170403 The Dirty Scurve 2017 April 3-8
20170410 The Dirty Scurve 2017 April 10-15
20170424 The Dirty Scurve 2017 April 24-29
20170508 The Dirty Scurve 2017 May 8-13
20170717 The Dirty Scurve July 17-22



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